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Canby Grove
7501 Knights Bridge Rd • Canby, OR 97013
Camp and Conference Center
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Latest News - "Canby Grove"
| Nathan B.
I liked to play in the bouncing house, I liked making smores. Going to Grove Town to sing songs and watch skits was great! There...
| Sharon Stone/Summer Lake
Summer had a great time while at Adventure Camp. She loved the night games, the improv-ing, the rafting trip, the counselors were...
| Kellsie Gobet
This was my first year of Canby Grove and it was a blast! Capo,Dash and Cheer where my conselers, I loved them!My favrote part at...
| Victoria O'Kain
My seven year old had a fun and memorable week at Canby Grove camp. She wanted to go back again all summer. We were so pleased w...
| Jay Kennedy
I was at our camp carnival last night watching all the campers enjoy the Canby Grove camp life! The carnival deffinitely stretche...
| Jay Kennedy
The first of 5 Adventure Camps kicked off our summer. The campers had a wonderful time rafting on the Dechutes River, playing gam...
| Jay Kennedy
Are you ready for summer camp? Hundreds of campers from the Canby community will be descending on Canby Grove this summer! The w...
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